Your Guide to Holistic

(…and realistic) Self-Care

welcome to The Foundation Blog: the modern woman’s one-stop shop for all things slow living, integrative health, and holistic self-care. i believe that in a chaotic + hectic world, we all need a place where we can press pause, take a moment to ourselves, and just be.

i am so glad you’re here.


the foundation blog: THE BEGINNING

“…this simple idea stuck with me and turned into the inspiration for this blog—
food. breath. shelter. rest.
this is our foundation.

this is where it all begins”

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My 4-Minute (Nontoxic!)
Morning Skincare Routine

From facial mists to dry brushing alllllll the way to toxic-free moisturizers— here is my crazy simple (and effective!) morning skincare routine!

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Hello, My Name is Kate

…and i am so, so glad that you have stumbled upon my little corner of internet. i have crafted this space to cultivate a life of slow, meaningful moments, vibrant health, and true intention. let’s get to know each other shall we?

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