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i’m kate eskuri

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i am a registered nurse + getting my doctorate in integrative health—

and i’m here to be a resource for YOU.

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life is not lived from your to-do list

i get it, you’re busy.
but here’s a secret— in this lifetime,  the busyness will never, ever, ever stop

unless you intentionally choose otherwise. unless you decide to  press pause and s l o w d o w n,
that to-do list of yours is just going to keep on growing. there will be more “where did the day go?” statements
and more “living on auto-pilot” moments. in a modern world, we are constantly bombarded with screens
and apps and that ever-present “more, more, more!” mindset. but that’s not the way it has to be.

this is where The Foundation Blog comes in—  created to help you implement easy, approachable little habits….
that eventually turn into one big, vibrant life. i’m not telling you to throw out your to-do list
or abandon responsibilities or go meditate for 3 hours per day.
what i’m asking you to do is to simplify. to prioritize. to choose the type of life you want to live.

and this is where The Foundation Blog comes in. because guess what? the hustle + bustle and to-do list will be there. always. and in all ways.
but how are YOU going to prioritize mini moments of gratitude and self-care into every day?
how are you going to intentional with your time? with your health? with your wellbeing?  how are YOU going to prioritize yourself?

….welcome to the foundation blog



i absolutely love a good cup
of joe

i worked as a barista for almost 4 years, and loved it. in fact, i loved it so much so that i took a barista job “on the side” of my full-time nursing job.
two shot americano, please!

i’m a nurse and currently getting my doctorate

I am a registered nurse who leads wellness at a local college, and I am also obtaining my doctorate degree in Integrative Health + Healing. A doctorates is no joke, but i feel so on fire for my education. let the games begin!

i am weirdly obsessed with the Enneagram

i am a textbook 7 wing 8 and am absolutely obsessed with learning how i can be my best, most seven-y and eight-ish self!
(…hobbies include forcing all of my loved ones to take the assessment so i can psychoanalyze them)

i met my husband
when i was 6
years old

“dear diary,
a boy from texas moved to town today- his name is adam.
he’s cute!”
-my 1st grade journal

the foundation blog: origins

foun·da·tion : a basis upon which something stands or is supported; an underlying base or support; a body or ground upon which something is built up

in my first ever college course, i learned of a psychology model called the Hierarchy of Needs created by Abraham Maslow. in this visual model, a pyramid “ranks” the basic human needs with the base-layer or “foundation” being the most crucial. i studied this, learned this well enough to get a good grade on the exam, and moved on. but somehow and some way, the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs never left me.

this simple pyramid was constantly entering my perspective during everyday life. what i found most captivating is that the base of the pyramid was so simple: food. breath. shelter. rest. our foundation. we need each and every one of these to live fully. while it may seem obvious, it turns out that these basics are not so basic at all— they are actually the bedrock to living our best lives. and they deserve to be invested in.

my original sketch of the foundation blog: february of 2018

my original sketch of the foundation blog: february of 2018

in modern day fast-paced, toxin-filled, and distracted society, our foundations are crumbling. and it’s keeping us from building upward to our true potential. nourishment, rest, shelter, breath. if these simple topics form the foundation of my entire life, you better believe i don’t want to wing it— i want to invest and do them right. because my full potential— and everything else— depends on them. this simple idea stuck with me and turned into the inspiration for this blog— food. breath. shelter. rest. our foundation.

it’s time to ditch the excess, remove the clutter— and get back to the basics.
it’s time to rebuild and rejuvenate your foundation.
and this blog is here to help you do just that.



listen up!

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