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hey, friend! just wanted to give a PSA that this site often contains affiliate links to products that i love. just wanted to be fully transparent that i could receive commissions on purchases made from the links i share. but lemme give it to ya straight— rest assured, this would absolutely never (ever!) impact the products i feature or my reviews and comparisons of certain products.

you can take comfort in the fact that i take “putting my name behind” something VERY seriously, and i hope you absolutely love the products i recommend!

ALLLL THAT SAID: a major, sincere THANK YOU to all of you that use the links on the products i recommend. it’s a small choice to make, but by clickin’ those affiliate links, you are quite literally what keep this blog around. it doesn’t cost you a penny more— but you are directly supporting me and i just wanna send you a virtual hug and say thank youuuuu, friend!