My 4-Minute Morning Skin Routine

primally pure skincare: use code KATE10 to switch over to nontoxic skincare  PHOTO CREDIT: wolfskull creative. taken for atelier + stone jewelry.

primally pure skincare: use code KATE10 to switch over to nontoxic skincare

PHOTO CREDIT: wolfskull creative. taken for atelier + stone jewelry.

Gooooood morning world! As you know, I am a morning routine junkie as of late (so proud of myself for finally COMMITING to a set morning schedule!), and one of my absolute favorite parts of my morning routine is my skincare regime. While my coffee is brewing, I set aside a few minutes to invest in my skin-- in search of that elusive healthy skin gloooooow :)

You’ll see during the course of this blog that I LOVE to mix up the products I use as to never let my body “get used to” any of the products I’m using. There are a handful of products that I “can’t live without” but everything else rotates with the seasons.

First things first, I splash my face with warm water and hold a warm washcloth to open up my lil pores and get the party started. I exfoliate slightly with the washcloth during this, and then spray a facial mist toner. I switch this step up a lot depending on what my body is needing. I’ll rotate between rose water (beautiful, gentle moisture and pH balance) , everything spray (brighten + fight bacteria), neroli spray (great for providing moisture and fighting acne), lavender (great for combatting inflammation and calming skin), and geranium (instantly brightens up and moisturizes dull skin). Psssst: if you’re new to facial mists, you can get this mini kit as a way to try a few different options. These are nontoxic, and sooooo good. This complexion mist set is what I first got to start my facial mist journey (code KATE10 will save ya some moolah!)

You’ll see that this is the step of my morning routine that I most often switch up! Your toner is the first step of a skincare routine that sets the stage for your skin, and I like giving my skin what it needs on that specific day :) Find a toner you love (…or 3 or 4…) and spritz it onto your beautiful lil face. Toners help maintain the skin’s pH which is crucial for healthy, vibrant skin!

While I give my facial mist a minute or so to sink into skin, I will focus on my body instead of my face and do my dry brush regime! In quick summary, I brush and exfoliate head-to-toe and then put on body oil allllll over to make sure my skin stays moisturized and soft. It’s actually insane how much dry brushing has changed my skin turgor, reduced my morning bloating, and decreased my fluid retention. I honestly think it’s magic in brush form-- but before I get carried away ranting once again-- check out my full post on Dry Brushing 101 and why I am OBSESSED.

Once I am done dry brushing, I’ll do my favorite step of my facial skincare routine and apply my personal beauty secret weapon: blue tansy oil! Remember how I just said I have very few “can’t live without ‘em” items? This is #1. I put this magic potion onto my cheeks and bridge of nose to set the stage for supple, well-hydrated skin all day long…. AKA this is how I try to get “gloooowing” skin like I’m an airbrushed jennifer lopez or something.

While I let the blue tansy oil sink in, I also use this serum under my eyes. I am quite literally known for the bags under my eyes and dark circles. Hahahahaha, as my friends and family will attest i am one swollen-face lady when I wake up, and this product is GAME. CHANGING. Natural ingredients that pep up my under-eyes in just a few minutes. I just found this a few months ago, but I’m hooked. Will this join blue tansy oil as one of the elite “can’t live without ‘em” products??? Only time will tell-- but as for right now, I am capital letters OBSESSED with this product.

This is where I’ll apply my nontoxic deodorant! Secret time: i am kind of a stinky gal and was super nervous to switch to natural deodorant. But, I DID IT. and it turns our natural deo works great. I tried a million different brands, but Primally Pure was the only natural deo that actually worked (without having to apply it 5 million times a day, ha!). If you are still unsure why natural deodorant matters or what this transition from traditional deo to natural deo looks like, you can read my full post “Armpit Detoxes: Yes They Exist (… and yes, you need to do one)” . There’s nothing glamorous about this part of my morning skincare routine. Just a gal puttin on deo!

STEP SIX (My Fav!):
My last step is using my jade roller to promote blood flow, spread out the blue tansy oil, and to ultimately reduce that “i just woke up” swollen face hahah. I tend to do this for about a minute and voila! The difference this product makes in making me instantly look awake is wild. Next, I let my face absorb the blue tansy oil for about 20 minutes while I sip my coffee + journal before I put my makeup on.

And, there ya have it-- my “everyday” skincare routine is complete! My motive here is to show you that you do not need to spend 982409382 minutes on your skin (or $49759283024, for that matter) This whole process start to finish takes me about 5 minutes and I truly think it has been a GAME CHANGER for my skin.

I’m laughing that I even wrote this blog post because it took me yearrrrs to invest in my skin. I was that girl at the slumber party that would wash her face with like a pump of the hand soap by the sink hahahah. But now, with a few more years under my belt and realizing that skin is the only thing we wear foreverrrrr-- I wanna take good, good care of it-- starting first thing every morning :)


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