Nontoxic Makeup 101: Build Your Own 6-Item “capsule” Makeup Collection

Non-Toxic Makeup Doesn't Have To Be Complicated (My Favs Here)

Non-Toxic Makeup Doesn't Have To Be Complicated (My Favs Here)

we can all agree that what we put in our bodies affects our health… but it’s time we think about what we put on our bodies. did you know that your skin absorbs 70% of everything you put on it? chemicals, parabens, and artificial ingredients, oh my!  whatever you put on, your body ends up processing. the scariest part? it is estimated that average woman’s daily personal care products contain over 160 chemicals (…most of which have never been tested for safety).  and we are absorbing alllllll of dat— chemicals and all.

when these toxins are absorbed through your skin, they add to your body’s toxic load and are required to be filtered out by your liver + lymphatic system.  long story short: the chemmies in your traditional skincare product are harming not only your external skin, but your internal health, as well. i don’t know about you, but i am absolutely committed to exclusively using high-quality, all-natural products on my body— from head to toe.

okay, kate, I get it. switching to naturally-based products is important. but what if I DONT WANNA. girlfriend, I soooo get you. I procrastinated cleaning up my makeup bag for so long because I felt overwhelmed and didn’t want to give up my old “bad” favorite products. but holy moly, I am soooo glad I did. today I am gonna walk you through *exactly* what you need in your makeup bag. what do you say, are you ready to clean up your act?

making the switch to clean makeup *gulp* 

i’ll be really honest with you— i procrastinated cleaning up my makeup routine for a longgggg time. cleaning up my skincare routine seemed rather painless, but thought of changing up the 897298374 different products in my makeup bag seemed expensive, time-intensive… and not to mention, i am very picky when it comes to my make up. but eventually I took the first step— and the rest is history

HOW I TRANSITIONED OVER TO NATURAL MAKEUP: i took this process superrrrr slowly. when one “bad” makeup would run out, i would replace it with a cleaner version. i experimented with 1-2 items from four major nontoxic makeup companies, and I quickly realized that the  well people makeup line was my fav. not only did I love that ingredient list, but I loved that their products *actually worked* 

fast forward through some more experimenting with different brands, ultimately w3ll people became my one-stop shop for all things natural makeup. (organic, paraben free, and premium non-toxic formulas - YES, PLEASE.) these products have completely replaced my old, toxic makeup routine— and i have no signs of looking back. *happy dance*

you’ll notice that I pretty much exclusively cover w3ll people in this post. why is that? because they are the brand I use and trust and can give honest reviews on. i am someone that if I love a company, their products, and mission— i tend to just stick with it and shop it allllll. i’m allll about simplicity, and that goes for the brands I shop from. that said, I've pretty much tried it all from w3ll people so you’ll see super thorough reviews below :) NOTE: w3ll people did NOT sponsor this post or anything weird like that! I am zero percent being paid by them to write these reviews! they have sent me a few free items for how often i promote them (thank you, well people!), but, other than that, these are just my honest opinions! pinkie promise. cool? cool.

Okay, so here’s how this works….

i designed this post in two specific formats:

  • if you are a beginner to natural makeup, I designed a 6-piece capsule collection of natural makeup to get your started. this mini 6-piece collection will have you covered from foundation to eyes to lips to cheeks! i wanted it to be super simple, but to cover allllllll your needs. if nothing else, these 6 items are exactly what you need to get this natural makeup party started! (look right below for this small but mighty collection)

  • if you already have experience with natural makeup,  I went into a thorough review of foundation, bronzers, highlighters, eye products, etc. so that you can pick ‘n’ choose what works for you!

to make it really simple for ya

build a capsule collection of makeup— 6 items that will get you started

girlfriend, i get it. there are sooooo many products out there and it can feel so dang overwhelming to make your first purchase. if you are just wanting to get started with nontoxic beauty, these 6 items below will be the perfect place to start. I picked six, natural makeup items that can mix ‘n’ match to cover allllll your needs: from covering zits and dark undereyes to contour and blush, these 6 items will cover EVERYTHING you need :) to be honest, i think I just created the ultimate natural makeup starter pack *hair flip* 

if nothing else, invest in these 6 items and you are SET.

BIO-TINT MOISTURIZER: this product. my MVP. it is the most beautiful “light coverage” foundation. heavy enough to cover discolorations/breakouts, but light enough where it looks like you’re not even wearing makeup? personally, this is HANDS DOWN my favorite makeup item.

BAKED FOUNDATION POWDER: mmmm, a nice foundation powder that has beautiful coverage. I will wear this alone or layer it on top of the bio-tint moisturizer^^ for really solid coverage

CONTOUR DUO: whooooo doesn’t love a good cheekbone pop and sun-kissed skin? one product: two uses. it’s a no-brainer.

EYEBROW TINTED GEL: ahhhhh, eyebrow gel. that thing that I NEVER used and now I can’t live without it. gives ya a strong brow and transforms the eye region. yes yes yes.

use it on your lips, your cheeks— wherever you want a pop of color. this product is soooo versatile. highly highly recommend!

NONTOXIC MASCARA: okay, honesty hour— I still use my old “bad” mascara because i’m stubborn and just don’t wanna give it up. I have literally not even TRIED a natural mascara yet— I am just so obsessed with my classic mascara that I am not gonna change my ways :) but if you do want a natural one, this one has over 500 5-star reviews sooooooo i’d say you are in good hands ;) since this is a natural makeup capsule, I wanted to make sure I gave a good mascara rec!

wanting to expand beyond the 6 must-haves? Let’s do it!  

set the foundation:

Alright, let’s start with the one item you NEED. as you know I am verrrrry picky with what i call a beauty “MVP” but w3ll people’s bio-tint moisturizer is on my list. I use this 24/7. It is a lightly tinted moisturizer that is heavy enough to cover blemishes/discoloration, but light enough that it looks like you’re not using makeup. AKA it’s the dream. This is a light-weight option that I couldn’t recommend more! I typically put it on by itself or layered with the powder foundation— but if i need a bit heavier coverage (date night, wedding, bad breakout, etc.) i will also supplement with this spot/zit heavy coverage foundation, the narcissist stick (LOVE. THIS.), and foundation powder.


bronzer, baby:

full transparency: i am a bronzer FREAK. i honestly think if i could only have one makeup item forever i would probably pick bronzer. i love how it “wakes up” my skin and gives me a sun-kissed glow. ever since junior high, i have found that bronzer is the thing that can be game-changing in my makeup routine.
alllllll this to say, i have tried it ALL in bronzer world. and i was so worried to “give up” the old, toxic version of bronzer i used and loved….. but, i ended up being obsessed w3ll people’s bronzer line happy dance. i personally use the pressed powder form, but they also have a loose powder, and cream stick versions. it gives the most lovely, impactful sunny gloooooow. if you wanna feel like a tan, J. Lo bronze beach goddess— look no further. (also including bare minerals “warmth” which i have tried and loved! not as clean as w3ll people, but an upgrade from traditional makeup!)

highlight reel:

mmmmm, highlight. i used to NEVER use highlighter and quite frankly did not understand it. but woooooow, i now love it. it gives the most subtle, yet impactful shine/glow to any face. i feel that it makes bronzer/contour “pop” and gives you a lovely, angular look. am i rambling? yes. it’s hard to describe it— but highlighter IS super impactful. if nothing else, try the cream version of the highlight stick….. holy moly i LOVE IT. 10/10 recommend. they also have a loose powder, pressed powder, and highlight/contour duo form if that’s more your style. another pro tip: i will also put a few tiny drops of blue tansy body oil and tap it onto my cheekbones to elevate the highlight glow

lips, lips, lips!

okay, so i am not crazy about color on my lips. typically all i use is primally pure’s all-natural chapstick (only $4 and AMAZING). but i DO occasionally use a little extra pop of color on my face (date nights, weddings, etc.)— so i do have opinions on lip color. below are the few items i have tried! compared to my old, toxic options I would say these match in terms of color/application, but fade a bit quicker! that’s really the only “drawback” i’ve noticed in the natural lip world. full transparency: i have not really “compared” these to any other natural lip options so my stamp of approval is a little less strong than the other items, but i do truly love them when i’ve used them :)

eye time—

hahahhaha, i hope you guys realize by now that i am 100000% telling the truth at all times on this blog. like, always. SO, here’s where I tell you that even though i am a “clean freak” i still use my old toxic “bad” mascara. *Gasp!* ya girl just can’t let go. to me, as long as I’m making an effort to live as clean + pure as possible in 90% of my life (food, beauty products, environment, etc.), I am allowed to live on the edge in some ways ;) also, it just feels different to me since it’s not directly on my skin? and because i just really, really friggin love this one specific mascara? regardless, allllll of this to say, i still use my classic mascara covergirls’ supersizer mascara, BUT apparently well people’s natural mascara is good (reading over 500 5-star reviews….) I just haven’t tried it yet, because i’m stubborn and don’t wanna give up my go-to :) other than that, alllll my eye goodness is natural. i absolutely love w3ll people’s brow gel and their eye shadow pallette. i linked all my eye favorites below!

here is a little mini play-by-play of my morning makeup routine. literally takes me 5 minutes. (not all steps are included here!), but i typically do 1) biotint moisturized 2) foundation powder 3) bronzer 4) a little highlight 5) brown gel 6) mascara. that’s it! i just wanted to show you some #nofilter transformation of solely w3llpeople products. (i personally hate when someone does a makeup post and alllll the photos have insane filters on their face. like, sis, show me what this makeup ACTUALLY looks like!).

i believe beautiful skin starts from the inside out— beautiful nutrition, drinking lots of water, good sleep…. but some beautiful makeup doesn’t hurt :) psssst: just want to be fully transparent, that i am NOT being paid by w3ll people to recommend them whatsoever, but i did use affiliate links in this post! AKA if you use the links in this post, you are directly supporting me and the foundation blog! which means sooo stinkin’ much to me! sincerely, THANK YOU!

alllllllright, that’s a wrap! all of my natural makeup favs! do your body, your skin, and your detoxification processes a favor— switch to natural makeup. i completely know it can seem overwhelming, but start small! start with one product, one small choice, one new product. you don’t have to transform your entire bag in one day— take it slow and enjoy the process! (your body will thank you :))

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